Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Jon Gosselin's Suing TLC!

John Gosselin is countersuing TLC for $5 million! The grounds for this? Aperantly John Gosselin thinks that TLC's contract was too restrictive. He claims that they aren't letting him make a living. But they are more than happy to let him go back to what he did before - Information Technology. They still have his contract and just don't want him doing business with other networks while he is still under contract with them. Sounds reasonable to me. They didn't FORCE him to sign a contract with them and it's not their fault that he decided to get divorced (although some would beg to differ). He was the one that signed the contract. Grow up and deal with it Jon! By trying to do business with other networks and doing unauthorized interviews, you screwed yourself over! HAHA!

Read more about it at Yahoo!'s omg!

*Photo courtesy of Mom Logic